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BlackBerry Security
Incident Response Team

Helping you protect your systems, smartphones and tablets

The BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) works to make BlackBerry® one of the most secure mobile platforms available. The BlackBerry SIRT builds collaborative relationships across the industry, monitors the security threat landscape and responds rapidly to emerging incidents to provide customers with the guidance and tools they need to protect their systems and devices.

Latest news

BlackBerry Releases Privacy Guidance for Third-Party App Developers

To discourage privacy-infringing apps, BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team released new privacy guidance for BlackBerry® World™ app developers that helps clarify what BlackBerry considers personal information and provides general guidance on how it should be protected.

BlackBerry and Mozilla: Fuzzing for Bugs

Mozilla and BlackBerry are working together on security research techniques in the area of fuzzing. Fuzzing is a method of automated security testing that is used to identify potential security concerns before customers are at risk.

Empowering Customers to Make Informed Decisions about Their Security and Privacy

Learn about the four types of advisories and notices BlackBerry publishes to protect customers from emerging threats.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

All reports of vulnerabilities in BlackBerry products or services are investigated by the BlackBerry SIRT. For currently supported and non-beta products, the BlackBerry SIRT will follow BlackBerry triage and remediation processes and take appropriate action to help protect customers. For confirmed vulnerabilities in publicly released, in-support products, this will normally result in the publication of a security advisory, along with a corresponding software update to address the issue.

When vulnerabilities are reported to BlackBerry, industry standard best practices around coordinated vulnerability disclosure are followed and individuals and/or companies who worked with the company on security advisories are acknowledged. BlackBerry also acknowledges individuals and/or companies who report non-advisory class issues for their work to help protect BlackBerry customers.

Latest security advisories and notices


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