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BlackBerry Security
Incident Response Team

Helping you protect your systems, smartphones and tablets

An essential part of the daily work of the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) includes collaborating with customers, partners, vendors, governments, academics and the security research community. Ongoing engagement helps BlackBerry deliver a unique level of security that customers depend upon.

Conference hosting and sponsorship

The BlackBerry SIRT sponsors numerous security conferences around the world every year. These events provide the team with an opportunity to continue to foster relationships with members of the security community as well as support the research that comes out of it. While BlackBerry invests heavily in internal security engineering, supporting and recognizing independent security research is crucial for the industry and BlackBerry® customers.

BlackBerry SIRT focuses on keeping an open dialogue with key groups throughout the mobile industry in order to ensure a continuous exchange of ideas, technology and techniques. By routinely working together, BlackBerry and its industry partners are advancing mobile technology and protecting customers from emerging security and privacy issues.

Meet the team at security events around the world

Date:  April 7-9, 2014
Location:  Orlando, FL   

Date:  April 8-10, 2014
Location:  Boston, MA   


The BlackBerry SIRT thanks the following people and organizations for reporting security issues under the industry practice of coordinated disclosure and working with the team to protect BlackBerry customers.

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