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Enterprise IM

Work virtually anywhere with real time communication

BlackBerry Enterprise IM enables and improves productivity by mobilizing desktop IM solutions, like:

  • Microsoft Lync
  • Cisco Unified Presence
  • IBM Sametime
  • WebEx Messenger

These solutions optimize communication and collaboration with secure real-time one-to-one and multi-party instant messaging.

BlackBerry Enterprise IM is a value added service, available at no charge, to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 101 or BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers.

It supports BlackBerry OS smartphones connected to BlackBerry® Enterprise Server 5.02 and BlackBerry® 10 devices connected to BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 through the BlackBerry Collaboration Service.3

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Communicate real time with colleagues, customers and partners

  • Instantly initiate a one-to-one or multi-party IM conversation or join a group chat for quick communication and faster decision making.
  • A unified client enables faster connections, especially when timing is critical, with an integrated experience that escalates text to voice to conferencing.
  • Easily package up an IM chat and share through email. Escalate the chat to a phone call with just a click – no need for dialling numbers.
  • Quickly create a meeting invitation from an IM chat that is automatically sent to chat participants. The calendar invitation includes the chat discussion text that can be edited or augmented with additional information.
  • All communications are confidential and private as messages sent through the Enterprise IM client are encrypted end-to-end using AES 256 over HTTPS (TLS/SSL).

Managing contacts is simple and intuitive

  • Reaching colleagues while out of the office is quick with search through integration with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory for Global Address Lookup (GAL).
  • Personalize communications by uploading an avatar or photograph. Set Presence status (Free, Busy, Out of Office, etc.) manually or automatically updated based on calendar information.
  • Easily communicate cross platform with colleagues, customers and partners as BlackBerry IM enables federation and public IM connectivity.4
  • Share Presence status and send secure IM with users – from federated partners like Microsoft Lync as well as public IM providers like Skype.

Download BlackBerry Enterprise IM

End User

BlackBerry 10 for Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime

BlackBerry 10 for Cisco Unified Presence, Cisco WebEx Messenger

BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier (IBM® Sametime®)

BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier (Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Lync Server)

BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier (Novell® GroupWise Messenger)

IT Administrator

BlackBerry 10 for Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime

BlackBerry 10 for Cisco Unified Presence, Cisco WebEx Messenger

BlackBerry 7 OS and earlier


Discover Enterprise IM Support:
knowledge base, product documentation, forums and more.

Optimize Staff Communication


Improved collaboration and decision making

Increase productivity, improve time management and team coordination with the ability to check the immediate availability of colleagues, customers and partners.

Respond faster with one click actions: initiate an IM chat, escalate from an IM chat to a voice call, move an IM chat to a meeting.


Secure, encrypted communications

Messages are encrypted end-to-end with the ability to deliver the security and controls required by government and regulated organizations.

To deliver the gold standard for secure mobility, BlackBerry Enterprise IM conversations are connected through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.02 for BlackBerry OS smartphones.


Lower telephone

The ability to initiate an instant chat with one or multiple colleagues can reduce the need for phone or conference calls.

The ability to easily escalate from a text chat to a voice call with a single tap can also help keep communications costs in check.

Custom CSS

  1. 1

    BlackBerry Enterprise IM 3.0 requires installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 and BlackBerry Balance and operates in the Work Space only.

  2. 2

    Enterprise IM 2.6 requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.

  3. 3

    BlackBerry Collaboration Service not required for Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco WebEx Messenger.

  4. 4

    Not applicable to IBM Sametime, Cisco Unified Presence or Cisco WebEx Messenger.

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