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Employees can work virtually anywhere

Reduced telephony costs

BlackBerry MVS can reduce mobile and international roaming costs by providing the ability to switch from cellular to Wi-Fi networks. On employee-owned (BYOD) BlackBerry smartphones, organizations can extend voice over Wi-Fi capabilities so employees don’t incur additional expenses for long distance or roaming when using their BlackBerry smartphones for business
use at the office, their home or a public hotspot.

Increased accessibility and productivity when away from the office

BlackBerry MVS helps increase responsiveness, reduces “phone tag” and supports business workflows by allowing users to make and receive office phone calls when away from their desk.

Enables regulatory compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance by enabling administrators to restrict calls to the BlackBerry MVS line, which allows third-party call recording solutions to record mobile calls to and from BlackBerry smartphones. Calls can be logged and audited to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements and strengthen risk management policies.

Provides secure authentication

Manage and control the use of BlackBerry smartphones. Each call from a BlackBerry smartphone is authenticated by BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10.1 or BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to help prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the organization’s phone system.