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BlackBerry security

The cornerstone of the BlackBerry solution

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Advanced features for government

The security offered by the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution meets strict government confidentiality and security requirements for remote data access.

BlackBerry smartphones

BlackBerry smartphones have been awarded the FIPS 140-2 validation for their embedded encryption technology. They also meet the Department of Defense requirements for S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

Meet your organization's security policy requirements by managing the functionality of BlackBerry smartphones on BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 and securing their stored information through customizable IT policies.


End-to-end encryption solution

Using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, email and other data remain encrypted at all points between the BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10. With optional support for S/MIME and PGP® Support Packages, email and other data can be protected along the complete path between the sender and the recipient.


S/MIME Support Package

Organizations that deploy Java® enabled BlackBerry smartphones with the S/MIME Support Package benefit from an additional layer of security and end-to-end authentication. The S/MIME Support Package incorporates device and desktop software components and BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 Client Access Licenses (CALs) to provide organizations with extended security features:

  • Certificate and private key management tools: users can store their private key and their contacts' public keys on their BlackBerry smartphone and synchronize certificates and keys when they connect their smartphone to their PC.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support: BlackBerry Enterprise Solution with the S/MIME Support Package works with popular PKIs, including Entrust® PKI versions 5 and 6, Verisign® and Netscape®.
  • Wireless support for certificate lookup and validation: obtain certificates from Windows® certificate stores, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) certificate servers, a secure LAN location or a Common Access Card (CAC) SmartCard. Organizations can also verify certificate status wirelessly via Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) servers.
  • Support for encrypting and decrypting PIN and email messages: users can experience all of the benefits of sending and receiving S/MIME messages from their BlackBerry smartphone while they’re on the go.

PGP Support Package

The PGP Support Package is third-party software for BlackBerry smartphones that adds PGP Desktop and PGP Universal support. This support allows companies with existing PGP infrastructure in place to extend this infrastructure wirelessly using BlackBerry smartphones. It provides customers with sender-to-recipient email security.

The PGP Support Package for BlackBerry works in conjunction with the PGP Universal solution. PGP Universal utilizes patented PGP Additional Decryption Key (ADK) capabilities, automated key management and recovery, and automated enrollment and centralized policy management.

PGP support is fully integrated in the BlackBerry user interface and provides extended security features, including:

  • Support for encrypting and decrypting email messages: users simply authenticate themselves with their private key passphrase before decrypting or signing email on their BlackBerry smartphone. Outgoing messages are automatically protected according to the centralized policy specified by the PGP Universal administrator.
  • PGP key management tools: there are digital signature and verification services for email sent from and received on BlackBerry smartphones, and wireless support for fetching PGP keys using LDAP (Lightweight Direct Access Protocol) is included.

The PGP Support Package is distributed exclusively by PGP Corporation through its resellers. To purchase, visit the PGP website.


BlackBerry Smart Card Reader

The BlackBerry® Smart Card Reader is designed to allow mobile personnel to meet operational requirements for using multi-factor authentication with Bluetooth® enabled Microsoft® Windows® computers, BlackBerry smartphones, PKI applications and for highly secure web browsing—without negatively impacting the user experience or making it hard to comply with security policies.

Prevent unauthorized access to corporate data

The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader helps eliminate unauthorized access to unlocked computers and BlackBerry smartphones. Users insert a smart card into this lightweight reader and wear it on a lanyard. Smartphones and computers lock when the user is not in proximity.

Enhanced user experience compared with competing solutions

The slim, lightweight BlackBerry Smart Card Reader features long battery life and Bluetooth technology that allows users to comfortably wear the reader on a lanyard. Heavy peripherals or bulky smartphone attachments aren’t required.

The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader can also replace serial- or USB-based card readers, even if your organization hasn’t deployed a BlackBerry solution. This enables you to benefit from un-tethered access to your smart card credentials from your desktop or laptop computer.


BlackBerry Smart Card Drivers

Smart card drivers allow the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader to communicate with various smart cards. The drivers must be installed on all BlackBerry smartphones used with the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader.

BlackBerry® Device Software v4.1 and later comes with the latest BlackBerry Smart Card Drivers pre-installed. If your BlackBerry Device Software doesn’t come with a BlackBerry Smart Card Driver pre-installed, you can write a driver for your smart card using the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment.

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See BlackBerry security certifications

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Get the BlackBerry Smart Card Reader

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See how BlackBerry benefits businesses

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