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Find out how the range of BlackBerry® 10 devices helps you and your business take charge.

Z10, Q10, Z30
  • “...The large display and battery make for a solid alternative to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.”

    Aaron Baker, PhoneDog,


  • A keyboard that takes the initiative

    However you prefer to type, the BlackBerry®‎ Keyboard is a fast learner. It learns your individual writing style and adapts to it, making personalized next-word suggestions. So whether youʼre flicking words on to your touchscreen or making steam come off your QWERTY keys, you wonʼt be the only one leading from the front.

  • A communications hub that sees the big picture

    Email. BBM™. LinkedIn®‎. Twitter®‎ Seems itʼs not so lonely at the top after all. With the BlackBerry®‎ Hub, you’re always just one swipe away from your messages, alerts, notifications, calendar events and more – all in one place. So whichever app you’re in, you can instantly see and respond to what’s important. Command and control has never been faster.

  • A battery that puts in the hours

    When you need your BlackBerry®‎ 10 device to put in a shift, it steps up to the plate. Up to 25 hours of battery life1 means that when the timings are tight and the weeks are punishing, your BlackBerry smartphone will always find an extra hour in the day.

  • A browser that cuts to the chase

    Browsing. Not the most dynamic of verbs. The BlackBerry®‎ Browser is less browser, more hunter-gatherer. Reader mode removes page clutter, letting you focus only on the text you want to read. Together with the best HTML5 mobile browsing experience, full Flash capability and unlimited tabs, you’ll never be out of the loop.

BlackBerry World

Grow your power base

Apps to keep you productive. Reading material to keep you informed. And personalized recommendations to keep it tailored to you. BlackBerry®‎ World™ means you can expand your BlackBerry 10 device just as far as your influence.

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On-screen keyboard
5" touch display




On-screen keyboard
4.2" touch display




Physical keyboard
3.1" touch display

  1. 1

    Up to 25 hours available only on Z30. Based on mixed usage scenario. Many factors affect battery life, including network, application usage, feature configuration and battery age. Actual results may vary.