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Air Dolomiti

Managing the internal processes of an airline company means managing hundreds of mobile employees. Thanks to their BlackBerry smartphones, pilots and co-pilots can always stay in touch with employees who are back at our headquarters
Fabio Biancotto Executive IT Manager, Air Dolomiti
  • Industry: Distribution/Transportation
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
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Air Dolomiti wanted to improve internal communication, regardless of its employees’ location, yet did not want to subscribe to a solution that would require in-depth training for end-users Until 2005, voice communication was the main way employees communicated.

The company needed a solution that could exchange text-based information, access corporate applications and integrate with the existing corporate IT systems Air Dolomiti pilots and co-pilots used to have to carry cumbersome laptops, so they needed to find a solution that was easy to carry, fast to connect, and highly secure as data referring to flight safety is highly sensitive


  • The BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution was implemented and all mobile employees were provided with BlackBerry® smartphones.
  • The 400 end-users can now access their mailbox, browse the web, view and edit their calendars and also access corporate applications that manage shift timings, flights and onboard procedures, no matter where they are in the world.
  • The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server enables the IT department to retain complete control and remotely manage every single device, to ensure that corporate policies are adhered to.


  • By wirelessly enabling business processes and onboard procedures, Air Dolomiti has achieved business productivity benefits that have resulted in enhanced passenger service and efficiency.
  • The BlackBerry solution has streamlined the communication flow between mobile employees and has made the information exchanged more accurate and well-timed.
  • Down time spent waiting around in a terminal can now be used productively.