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Baltimore Police Department

Side Partner and the BlackBerry smartphone helps us achieve what our police commissioner wanted—more officers out of cars and into the community, interacting with people on the street, in a way that's both safe and with the information they need.
Gayle Guilford Director of MIS
  • Industry: Public Safety
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Side Partner—mobile policing solution - InterAct PocketCop and Xora Field Force Manager
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The Baltimore Police Department needed a safe, easy-to-use and reliable mobile solution that would allow its officers to spend more time out of their vehicles and on the streets.


Baltimore Police Department uses BlackBerry® smartphones and a suite of policing apps it calls Side Partner. InterAct™ Public Safety's InterAct PocketCop and Xora's Field Force Manager are included in the Baltimore Police Department's Side Partner solution, which provides communications, criminal database access, zeroing in on GPS locations, video and photography.


  • Ability to run more warrants
  • Saves time for officers and dispatchers
  • Makes information more accessible
  • Reduces security risks in the field