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We thought about what our customers needed to have in their pocket and saw that having almost immediate access to information from anywhere would help them make financial decisions. The Bancolombia App has brought us closer to our customers because we are more aware of their needs.
Diana Marcela Arysmendi Mobile Channels Management Analyst
  • Industry: Finance/Insurance
  • Region: Latin America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Bancolombia App developed with TODO1® Services, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™)
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Bancolombia's executives are regularly out of the office, but they require uninterrupted access to email and the ability to receive and approve documents. In the past, they had to rely on desktop email, but often had limited access to computers. Communication between the bank’s departments was also limited, particularly for sales reps that spent a lot of time on the road visiting clients.

At the same time, Bancolombia wanted to deliver a unique mobile solution that would provide financial reports to its corporate customers and other people in the financial and investment sector. The company required a secure and comprehensive solution to improve internal communications among its employees, facilitate financial information, and provide customers with simple mobile banking services for transaction inquiries and transfer of funds.


Bancolombia equipped more than 2,200 employees from 800 branches with BlackBerry smartphones that feature built-in email, calendar and task management functionality. The company also implemented the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to manage its BlackBerry smartphones securely. As a result, executives and sales team members can now handle important functions at all times and employees can communicate with their work groups by using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

To better serve customers, the Bank launched a mobile banking application for BlackBerry smartphones, developed with TODO1. In addition to its traditional mobile banking functions, investors can use the app to obtain up-to-the-minute data that is automatically updated on the back-end servers and is available even in the most remote parts of the country, where there might not be a branch.


  • Quicker decision-making for executives
  • Increased productivity for company personnel
  • Improved inter-departmental communication
  • Increase in online bank transactions
  • Access to up-to-the-minute financial information on market activity