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Custom Plant Inspection App – HTML5

Our customer didn’t encounter the same errors on iOS and Android devices because those platforms are not as standards-compliant as BlackBerry’s HTML5 implementation. Our browser is consistently rated the highest in the industry in third-party testing for HTML5 compliance.
Maurice White Senior Enterprise Developer, BlackBerry Ecosystem Solutions Team
  • Industry: Manufacturing/Technology
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size:
  • Solution: BlackBerry Ecosystem solutions Team support and Custom Plant Inspection Application - HTML5
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One of the world's largest industrial manufacturers, with tens of billions in annual revenue, discovered that companies need trusted partners who can deliver both secure end-to-end mobility solutions and post-implementation expertise. This global leader in steel production had recently upgraded to BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) and was in the process of rolling out more than 5,000 BlackBerry® 10 devices to its international workforce when it hit a snag with a critical mobile application. The app, built using HTML5, was used for plant inspections. A visiting inspector uses the app to snap photos, which are automatically downloaded to a central repository. Unfortunately, this app was not functioning properly on the new BlackBerry devices. 


Fortunately, BlackBerry is not just a device maker — it creates solutions. In this case, the answer came from the BlackBerry's Ecosystem Solutions Team; a group of experienced Senior Developers dedicated to assisting enterprises in the mobilization of their businesses. It took the team only a few days to uncover the source of the problem: a programming error. The customer-compiled HTML5 code controlling the on-device camera worked, but it didn't properly follow the HTML5 standard. After updating the application in accordance with the standard, BlackBerry's application development specialist successfully tested the app on multiple BlackBerry devices. Problem solved.


Leveraging the early warning provided by BlackBerry's Ecosystem Solutions Team, representatives from the industrial giant corrected the issue at the source. Upon receiving the updated app from BlackBerry, the customer reported the error to the manufacturer of the framework responsible for auto-generating the original code. In addition to significantly reducing the risk of future disruptions on their iOS and Android mobile devices, which may have inflicted significant and expensive productivity penalties, the customer came away with a benefit that is impossible to affix with a price tag: peace of mind.