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Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa

With BlackBerry, we manage a complex and super connected network with great ease and simplicity.
Matteo Rumi knowledge and technology manager, Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa
  • Settore: Manufacturing/Technology
  • Regione: EMEA
  • Dimensioni aziendali: Large
  • Soluzione:
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  • Chiesi has a large mobile workforce of pharmaceutical representatives who travel to meet general practitioners and specialists around the country.
  • The company needed to improve how the flow of information was managed, and the level of communication between these representatives and the headquarters.
  • Part of this need was driven by a requirement to reduce down-time between visits where staff had to return to the office to access the company’s CRM system.


  • BlackBerry® smartphones
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
  • CRMobile by TechMobile


  • Since deploying the BlackBerry solution, Chiesi has already benefited from increased productivity and more effective use of its business applications amongst its field staff because they now have less "inactive" time between appointments.
  • Mobile access to its CRM system has enabled the representatives to complete administrative tasks while on the move, and the company to analyse employee performance and even undertake appropriate support activities.
  • Due to the ease of deployment and excellent results, Chiesi has already expanded the project with additional applications.