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City of Oxnard, California

Our BlackBerry solution is a good example of how technology can improve efficiencies. It has certainly eliminated a lot of paper-based processes within local governments.
David Endelman GIS Coordinator
  • Industry: Government and Public Sector
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Freeance Mobile™ – Pro Edition from TDC Group, Inc.
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In order to make decisions and respond quickly when safety issues arise, field personnel in Oxnard, California, needed a technology solution to provide managers with better information about potential drainage problems in the city.


The City of Oxnard deployed BlackBerry® smartphones and an application called Freeance Mobile™ - Pro Edition to mobilize the way data was collected during the inspection and cleaning of storm drains. The new system replaces handwritten forms and data inputting, and helps send information to the correct city administrator.


  • Easy-to-use, all-in-one device for the field
  • Increased office staff productivity
  • Faster access to information helps speed up decision making
  • Better understanding of situations can enhance safety