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City of Vaughan, Ontario

A solução BlackBerry nos oferece uma ferramenta que aumenta a eficiência dos nossos funcionários e a qualidade do serviço que prestamos à comunidade na cidade de Vaughan.
Dimitri Yampolsky CIO
  • Setor: Government and Public Sector
  • Região: North America
  • Tamanho da empresa: Large
  • Solução: Freeance™ Mobile by TDC Group Inc.
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Municipal Enforcement Officers in the City of Vaughan required a way of consolidating all their communication technology into one device that could do it all. They also needed a way to look up records from the city database while on the go.


The City of Vaughan used the BlackBerry® smartphone to create two field-ready applications: the Mobile People Application, which accesses the city database of licensed individuals, and the CTS Mobile Viewer, which provides mapping and location information.


  • Reduced phone calls and increased productivity in the field
  • Faster updating and processing of licensing information
  • Cost savings in building applications using in-house expertise
  • Access to a snapshot of where problems exist
  • Preparation of the city for the ongoing needs of a growing population