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With the BlackBerry solution we were able to significantly increase the quality of our customer relations, since we can now be reached by our customers around the clock and can quickly offer a solution, or at least get working on it right away.
Albrecht Deutschmann Degali Business Services
  • Industry: Professional Services/Legal
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: Secure, mobile access for email and corporate data
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  • With clients mainly located in Asia and the USA, the two founders of Degali Business Services needed access to company information outside of normal German office hours, wherever they were.
  • They needed a fast, user-friendly, secure and cost-effective solution that would integrate easily into its business structure, in a way that was more mobile than a laptop.
  • Degali needed an affordable and simple solution.


  • BlackBerry® Smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Internet Service


  • The BlackBerry smartphones have enabled Degali to react much faster and have helped bring a decisive competitive advantage to the small company.
  • The BlackBerry® solution has helped the company to improve the quality of its customer relations.
  • The solution has also helped cut costs as Degali has been able to avoid hiring part-time help to man the office and process enquiries.