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Dr. Soetomo Hospital

Successful patient care can be achieved through collabration and communication. The BlackBerry smartphone, in particular BBM, gives our hospital a quick and easy way to share information with other doctors.
Dr. Prayudi Aji Murtolo Doctor of Anesthesia
  • Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
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With almost 2,000 medical staff, it was difficult for the doctors of Dr. Soetomo Hospital, who are located throughout the hospital, to communicate, discuss patient cases and share information. In the past, medical staff relied on laptop computers, pagers and face-to-face meetings to communicate. However, this method of communication was challenging as the staff were often busy, away from their desks or outside designated doctors’ areas.


Dr. Soetomo Hospital equipped 140 of its staff in the anesthesia division with BlackBerry® smartphones. BlackBerry® Messenger(BBM™) was one of the most popular features for staff because it offered a quick and more secure communications platform for the doctors to interact with each other. It also allowed the staff to send pictures, videos, voice notes and more in near real-time to their colleagues.BBM is also cost effective for the hospital to use since it uses less data than other messaging services and has a unique feature that allows the sender to see when their message has been delivered, read and when the recipient is in the process of responding back.


  • Improved internal communication
  • More secure transfer of patient information
  • Reduction in cost of information technology
  • Ability to more easily and more quickly share attachments