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Giorgio Fronimos

Credevo che le soluzioni BlackBerry fossero appannaggio solo delle grandi compagnie e dei dirigenti. Ma ho scoperto che sono perfette anche per i lavoratori autonomi come me. Offrono un sicuro vantaggio sulla concorrenza e poiché sono facili da usare sono davvero valide per le persone diffidenti verso le nuove tecnologie.
Giorgio Fronimos Lavoratore Autonomo Tour Operator Enogastronomico e Chauffeur, Siena, Italy
  • Settore: Other
  • Regione: EMEA
  • Dimensioni aziendali: Small
  • Soluzione: Secure, email access whilst on the move
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  • Giorgio Fronimos works alone and is constantly on the move ferrying customers around, so having the time to take bookings and prepare itineraries can be challenging
  • Most of his guests come from all over the world, and the vast majority of them contact him via email
  • Because of the time difference between Italy and many countries, Giorgio is rarely in the office when emails arrive


  • Giorgio was offered a BlackBerry® smartphone from his mobile phone operator and connected with a BlackBerry® Internet Bundle in minutes
  • Giorgio uses his BlackBerry smartphone to make and receive voice calls and email as well as access the web


  • Giorgio handles 80% of his emails on his BlackBerry smartphone
  • The BlackBerry® Browser is used to find phone numbers, hotels and restaurants
  • Using a BlackBerry solution has enabled Giorgio to attract new business by giving an efficient and professional service