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Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

We are already finding new uses for the BlackBerry solution that make us more efficient.
Richard Muir commercial director of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
  • Industry: Government and Public Sector
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: BlackBerry smartphones
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  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce was finding that most of the communication among employees and members happened by email. However, without a mobile email solution, the Chamber wasn't as easily contactable as it needed to be
  • Due to the confidential subject matter the Chamber handled, it needed a highly secure solution
  • A small organisation, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce needed a solution that was cost-efficient and could be implemented without modifying existing IT systems and which would allow for future scalability


  • BlackBerry® smartphones


  • The BlackBerry® solution has enabled better teamwork as employees are able to respond to emails when out of the office, while remaining confident in the security of the information
  • Improved connectivity and communication has led to an increase in productivity
  • The BlackBerry solution has enabled the Chamber to budget better for fixed costs, while using the existing IT infrastructure