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Adding to the complexity of the project was the need to make the system work with the BlackBerry smartphones' high security standards, which are essential when personal and financial information is being dealt with. BlackBerry is a secure and trusted wireless communication platform that was chosen by us to securely handle wireless communication platform that was chosen by us to securely handle the interface with the Grabba reader,
Frank Downes CEO
  • Industry: Manufacturing/Technology
  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Company Size:
  • Solution: Grabba International contactless card reader
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The project required a single Grabba contactless card reader, working with the Authority’s BlackBerry® smartphones, and able to read almost every NFC and RFID type of card that is available on the market. To be effective and efficient, Grabba developed the application software to work with a multitude of NFC payment solutions and mobile payment applications.

The requirement to handle a variety of NFC and RFID cards with a single reader that would work seamlessly when attached to a BlackBerry smartphone, created a complex hardware and software engineering task for the Grabba engineers.

In addition, the inspection system running on the attached BlackBerry needed the ability to exchange information in real-time, with security, accuracy and efficiency. The Grabba Software Developer Kit (SDK) that facilitated this also had to be easily integrated into the application software that was being developed at the same time by the UTA.