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Greatship Limited

The BlackBerry solution combined with mApprove Advantage ensures that employees no longer spend more than one month waiting for approval to claim back their expenses.
Mohandas Manghat General Manager of Information Technology
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, Arteria® mApprove Advantage
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With offices located in Mumbai, Singapore and Perth, and a business closely linked to oilfields away from the office, the company’s senior staff and top management frequently has to travel and work from remote offices. When handling day-to-day office administration work and approving documents, they have to rely on making phone calls, or connecting while on the road to the corporate intranet via their laptops. Each of these methods was inconvenient and often led to a long procurement cycle for important documents. In many cases the downtime resulted in costly maintenance delays for Greatship’s exploration assets and a loss of revenue for the company.


Greatship turned to Arteria Technologies, its long-trusted IT partner for ideas. After rounds of internal discussions, the companies decided to deploy a SAP certified solution to be installed on BlackBerry® smartphones that helps speed up the approval process of documents. Arteria mApprove Advantage (mApprove Advantage) was used to provide a highly mobile workforce the tools to speed up the approval process.

With the use of mApprove Advantage, the project owners and senior executives can now view the leave requests, travel requests, reimbursement claims, purchase requisition and purchasing orders on their smartphones instead of having that done on their computers. For every step of approval which required 2-3 working days before, it is now cut down to one working day, which speeds up the approval process and helps increase employee satisfaction.


  • Helped accelerated approval and decision-making process
  • Helped improved operation efficiency & productivity
  • Helped create a higher satisfaction from customers, vendors and employees