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Held, Kranzler, McCosker & Pulice (HKMP)

The combination of iManage WorkSite and my BlackBerry smartphone means I can work when needed to serve my clients better.
Stephen Barrett Partner
  • Secteur: Professional Services/Legal
  • Région: North America
  • Taille de l’entreprise: Small
  • Solution: Autonomy iManage WorkSite by Autonomy-Interwoven
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The accountants who work for Held, Kranzler, McCosker & Pulice (HKMP) are at client locations approximately 60% of their time, performing audits, preparing tax returns, completing forensic investigations and supporting legal cases. Even though they’re away from their offices more than half the time, they still need a way to access their email and important client documents.


HKMP realized BlackBerry® smartphones could meet their needs for almost immediate communications, collaboration, document access and security—all in one solution. They also astutely observed that by giving HKMP employees BlackBerry smartphones, they were offering them a tool that could help them in their personal life as much as in their work.


  • Flexibility in working at client sites
  • Access to critical business information
  • Exchange of information in a highly secure environment
  • Better work-life integration