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Homestead Park

We no longer have to ask ‘did you read the email?’ With BlackBerry Messenger, it’s a lot quicker, more efficient and there’s no cost involved or additional fees.
Zaheer Khan secretary, Residents and Ratepayers Association, Homestead Park
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: BlackBerry Messenger for collaboration and communication
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  • Homestead Park is a residential community of 200 homes and when it was faced with an environmental problem it needed a fast way to keep residents informed as to how the Association was tackling the problem
  • As a volunteer-run non-profit organisation, the Association needed a cost-effective and convenient way of mobilising volunteers to solve the problem


  • BlackBerry® Smartphones
  • BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™)


  • As many of the residents were already BlackBerry smartphone users, the Association used BBM for instant communication, enabling it to rapidly mobilise its members
  • Using existing smartphones meant that there was no additional cost to running the campaign
  • The Association has now become a benchmark for community involvement
  • Homestead Park is now experimenting with other features of BBM which it feels will help its organisation such as Group Lists and Group Calendar