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Hospice of Baton Rouge

Within four months of deployment, our BlackBerry solution delivered an approximate $8,000 in savings on mileage costs and an entire day’s worth in productivity.
Julia Aycock Onsite IT Coordinator
  • Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: CellTrak™ by CellTrak Technologies, Inc.
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Hospice of Baton Rouge healthcare providers are often visiting patients on the road. When submitting claims for mileage, it was difficult to accurately track distance traveled. As well, manually entering data after the fact was inefficient and led to errors. It was also challenging to keep track of everyone’s location in case a patient needed urgent assistance


The Hospice of Baton Rouge partnered with CellTrak Technologies, Inc. Hospice healthcare workers use the BlackBerry® solution to track their time and mileage, and certified nurse’s assistants use it to follow a plan of care designed by the medical director. The GPS functionality on the BlackBerry smartphone makes staff reachable in case of emergency.


  • Reduces mileage expenses
  • Increases productivity of field and office staff
  • Improves compliance with medical plan of care
  • Helps with faster responses in medical emergencies