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Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe

Applications deployed by Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe on BlackBerry smartphones have helped greatly improve the efficiency of the hospital's operational processes, which is reflected in improved patient care and in financial benefits for the hospital.
Diego Estarita Coordinator of Telecommunications and Information Security
  • Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Region: Latin America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and Custom apps developed in-house for BlackBerry smartphones
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  • Medical staff at Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe needed better access to technology to be able to look up medical records
  • The staff responsible for cleaning, maintaining and assigning beds to patients needed to be reached using a two-way radio or by sending someone to look for them
  • During blood collections, field staff didn’t have remote and direct access to the hospital’s donors directory


Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe developed three custom applications for BlackBerry smartphones to help improve efficiency for medical rounds, bed management and blood donors. Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe pushes the BlackBerry apps to their employees using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which was chosen for its ability to help centralize IT management and safeguard sensitive information.


  • Time efficiency for doctors
  • Faster allocation of beds; reduced waiting times for patients
  • More efficient blood donor screening process
  • Improved hospital efficiency and service