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The BlackBerry solution developed by INKCO LTD. has helped us become a more modern company, with flexible processes that allow field agents and supervisors to work remotely and provide customers with more accurate data.
Dr German Fonseca Secretary General
  • Industry: Government and Public Sector
  • Region: Latin America
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Solution: Sistema Móvil de Lectura de Medidores (SML) developed by INKCO LTD., BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), GPS Tracking, Wireless Bluetooth Printing
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  • The process for reading customer water meters, analyzing their water consumption and generating an invoice was inefficient and manual, and took about three days. It also often resulted in data entry errors.
  • Supervisors uploaded the daily jobs and routes onto the mobile meter readers, but could only do so when they had the meter readers in hand. Last minute changes were often impossible to make. Also, managers were often unaware of the day-to-day progress or location of their field agents and communication was scarce.
  • There was no way to back up data entered during the day, so if meter readers were lost or damaged, information would be lost.
  • IBAL’s customers would only know their water consumption when they got their bill, causing customers to dispute charges and challenge whether field agents had read the meters in the first place.


  • IBAL deployed an application for BlackBerry® smartphones developed by INKCO Limited called Sistema Móvil de Lectura de Medidores (SML), or Mobile Meter Reading System, designed to allow IBAL’s field agents to read water meters.
  • Field agents also use a portable printer that’s connected through Bluetooth® technology to the BlackBerry smartphone to print a copy of the water consumption reading. In addition, supervisors utilize the GPS functionality of the BlackBerry smartphone to track and locate field agents while they’re out of the office.
  • IBAL agents also use email and BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) to stay connected with the office and stay in communication with their supervisors.


  • Contributes to increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster process for reading water meters
  • Enhanced productivity for field agents
  • Easier for supervisors to manage field agents and deploy their resources
  • Enhanced accuracy in data entry