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One of the major benefits of the BlackBerry Balance technology is that it can lead to enormous savings on mobile device purchases. It is designed to let Indiabulls grant secure and separate corporate email access to employees who wish to bring their own smartphone to work, which more and more employees choose to do.
Kiran Acharya Program Manager, IB Technology
  • Industry: Finance/Insurance
  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: BlackBerry Balance, BlackBerry Enterprise Server
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As one of the first brokerage and financial services companies in India to provide customers with a robust mobile trading application in early 2010, Indiabulls continues to find ways to leverage their mobile solution. However, with the changing landscape of the mobile industry and the desire for users to have more flexibility and freedom on their corporate devices, the organization was finding themselves in a difficult position.


Indiabulls deployed BlackBerry® smartphones with BlackBerry® 7, integrated with BlackBerry® Balance™ software, to a select group of employees. IB Technology was brought in as the solution provider responsible for carrying out the implementation. The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server’s IT policies along with the features built into the handheld software help keep personal information separate and business data secure. Corporate data cannot be copied and pasted into personal applications or email messages and any lost or stolen devices can be disabled and wiped remotely.


  • The BlackBerry solution helps provide secure corporate communications
  • BlackBerry Balance has offered employees of Indiabulls a more personal BlackBerry experience
  • Helped save on personal device spending costs