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Mairie du Havre

With BlackBerry smartphones, we've realised the advantages of mobility while significantly lowering the per-user costs. We can support more users with thesame budget, which opens up the possibility of extending the BlackBerry solution to other users.
Delphine Jouen IT Technician, Le Havre city council
  • Industry: Government and Public Sector
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Solution: BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
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  • Needed quick decisions to be made by councilors that spent a large amount of time out of the office.
  • Wanted a system that could allow councillor's schedules to be updated in real time, to stop confusion and mistakes.


  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
  • BlackBerry® smartphone


  • Faster decision-making
  • Reduced email backlog
  • No more diary mix-ups
  • Fewer needless trips to the office
  • End-to-end data security
  • Stable and reliable solution