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Luis Berdejo

The amount of emails you have when preparing filming is much more manageable when you have your ‘mini-office’ on your BlackBerry smartphone.
Luis Berdejo Screenwriter and Director
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: Mobile Data Access
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  • While filming in the United States, Luis Berdejo needed mobile access to email and internet
  • Berdejo had always worked on a QWERTY keyboard and did not want to use any other format
  • During pre and post-production, as well as on-set, it was crucial for Berdejo to have reliable, constant connection to everyone involved with the film project


  • BlackBerry® smarphones


  • When Berdejo travels for long periods of filming he has constant access to internet and email
  • Berdejo uses the QWERTY keyboard on his BlackBerry smartphone, allowing smooth communication suited to his typing style
  • The BlackBerry smartphone is a ‘mini-office’ for Berdejo, improving his response time and efficiency in all stages of film production
  • The BlackBerry smartphone flat-rate data plan is cost effective and makes budgeting much easier