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m-Health Solutions

With the help of BlackBerry smartphones and our mHealth technology, a family doctor can make a faster diagnosis of a person at risk, meaning the patient can access the latest technologies and medications leading to potentially better outcomes.
Sandy Schwenger Co-Owner and CEO
  • Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: Custom app developed in-house; BlackBerry® smartphones; BlackBerry® Enterprise Server; m-CARDS™ (Mobile Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnostic Service); Event Loop Recorder
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Medical professionals are always looking for ways to detect and diagnose heart conditions better and faster to start treatment as early as possible. The existing diagnostic test for cardiac arrhythmia is cumbersome and can take several weeks from the original doctor’s visit to a diagnosis.


m–Health Solutions (mHS) recognized the opportunity to use mobile technology to develop a faster, more convenient diagnostic tool that family doctors, internists and cardiologists can initiate immediately following the patient’s first visit. mHS uses a BlackBerry smartphone, a custom application and an Event Loop Recorder to record cardiac activity for up to two weeks. The recorder transmits data via Bluetooth® to the BlackBerry device, which, in turn, sends the information to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server at mHS’s diagnostic centre where it’s interpreted by cardiac technologists.


  • Earlier diagnosis of cardiac conditions
  • Better clinical information about a patient’s heart activity
  • Reduced wait time for diagnostic tests
  • Greater convenience for patients and doctors