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Ministry of Health of the State of Yucatan

Thanks to our BlackBerry solution, we are better prepared to face almost any type of epidemic or health emergency. This helps us contain the spread of the flu and protect our population.
Dr. Julio Alfonso Góngora Escobedo Planning Director to the Ministry of Health of the State of Yucatan
  • Industry: Government and Public Sector
  • Region: Latin America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: BlackBerry® smartphones; Vigilancia Epidemiológica (Epidemic Surveillance) by Cytron® Soluciones Móviles
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  • The Ministry of Health of the State of Yucatan needed to create an epidemiological fence to prevent the H1N1 virus from spreading
  • They previously used a manual process to detect and monitor epidemics, which often took up to 7 days for information to be processed
  • The Ministry needed a better way to track and access information and exact locations about virus outbreaks to quickly deploy medical personnel and treat patients


The Ministry deployed an epidemic monitoring app for BlackBerry® smartphones called Vigilancia Epidemiológica (Epidemic Surveillance) by Cytron® Soluciones Móviles, a BlackBerry® Alliance Member. This custom application uses the built-in GPS capabilities of the BlackBerry smartphone to collect and pinpoint information about infections, and other epidemic-related information, from eight points of entry to the State of Yucatan.


  • Improved response time during an epidemic
  • Better way to track and detect locations of confirmed cases of illness
  • Faster deployment of medical staff to treat patients
  • Better control of medical personnel and equipment costs
  • Solution that can be used in future outbreaks of infectious diseases