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Neall Hards - Tough Mudder Participant

There isn’t a day that goes by, or an hour that goes by, where I don’t pick up my BlackBerry smartphone and use it for something. I just can’t put it down.
Neall Hards Tough Mudder Participant
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  • Region: North America
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  • Solution: BlackBerry® smartphone, runtastic PRO application by runtastic GmpH
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Business professional and father of three, Neall Hards required a BlackBerry solution that would not only provide reliable corporate and social features but one that would also help measure his training progress for the ‘World’s Toughest Mudder’ challenge, a grueling 24-hour obstacle course. The BlackBerry solution had to include enough features and withstand enough extreme environments that Hards could use it throughout his training and the course itself.


As a longtime BlackBerry smartphone user, Hards decided to download the runtastic PRO application from BlackBerry App World™. After strapping his BlackBerry smartphone to his arm, Hards leverages its GPS functionality to track his running distances, kilometer paces and time averages. The application uses a voice feature to ‘shout’ updates on his progress. Friends and family can also log onto his online runtastic profile, track his progress and send virtual cheers of encouragement in near real-time.


The immediate feedback from the app is instrumental for Hards to help pace himself, especially during long courses. Hards is buoyed by the cheers of encouragement he receives and prefers his durable BlackBerry smartphone to other training devices because he can give his undivided attention to the course ahead of him. As a family man, business professional and race competitor, Hards appreciates the full functionality that his BlackBerry solution offers.