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Neotelis Inc

Whether it was having easy access to the Internet to review concepts, or having the ability to aggregate all of their notes and information in one place, many students said that using the BlackBerry tablet allowed them to be more involved and added value to their learning process.
Michel Bruyère Owner, Neotelis Inc
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
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In the past, Neotelis offered courses in a traditional classroom setting, where a trainer would use a projector to run through slides and participants would take handwritten notes. The arrangement resulted in limited interaction with the material and left students referring to thick binders that they would have to carry back to their home country. As a result, many of the participants would leave the valuable information behind, or not refer back to it after course completion. The company wanted to take advantage of new technology to enhance the overall learning experience.


In addition to offering virtual training and more individual e-learning options, Neotelis decided that the next evolution of its programs should involve mobile learning. Having had past experience with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the company decided to launch a pilot program involving its flagship Mini MBA course and provided all trainers and students with BlackBerry PlayBook tablets that were equipped with the course material.

After taking only a few minutes to become familiar with the tablet, its trainers were able to begin teaching the course material in a more interactive manner. The company was easily able to incorporate links within the material that would allow its students to access the browser and benefit from having the device.


  • Trainers and students were able to quickly upload course materials
  • Enabled participants to multitask between numerous business and productivity features
  • Enhanced learning experience for students
  • Gained increased attention around company training program