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Nobex Technologies, Inc.

Radio stations come to us because they want to be available on the BlackBerry smartphone, but once they’re here, they realize that we’re presenting them with a real and significant potential to profit.
Gadi Mazor CEO and Co-founder
  • Industry: Manufacturing/Technology
  • Region: Global
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: Nobex Radio Companion™ for BlackBerry® smartphone
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With the Internet providing consumers new ways to access music, the traditional business model for broadcast radio has been radically changed. Nobex Technologies was looking to harness new technology without sacrificing advertising revenue. As well, listeners wanted to access radio stations on the go on their BlackBerry® smartphones.


Nobex Technologies created an application called Nobex Radio Companion, which gives users access to their favourite stations when outside normal listening range. It captures a share of the digital market through the BlackBerry smartphone. 15,000 stations are connected to the application, and users can purchase favorite tracks and post song and station choices on their Facebook® pages using their BlackBerry smartphones.


  • Meets the needs of users who want customized radio content
  • Offers users an interactive radio experience
  • Generates a customized and branded mobile radio player
  • Helps to create business intelligence and advertising opportunities