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Novacom Wireless Communications (Novacom)

Junior staff on service calls may not understand what they’re looking at, so they use their BlackBerry 10 to have a BBM Video chat, which essentially puts us in the same room as them. With BBM Video, we can see the screens or servers and then identify the issue to get it resolved much faster.
Brandon Watson Head Engineer, Novacom Wireless Communications
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: BlackBerry® 10 smartphones
    BBM™ Video
    BBM™ Groups
    Box by Box, Inc.
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Novacom provides the essential link for people in distress to contact emergency services. “When you’re responsible for building and maintaining a community’s 911 network, you’ve got to have someone on call at all times in case an outage or issue occurs,” explained Brandon Watson, Head Engineer, Novacom Wireless Communications. “These systems can be complex, requiring input from more than one technician who is not on site. Our staff needs a phone that we can rely on to communicate with the team, and that can support our multitasking needs while we troubleshoot complicated issues.”


Novacom outfitted its staff with BlackBerry 10 smartphones to meet its multitasking, productivity and safety needs. “I’m rarely in the office because we service clients located up to two and a half hours in every direction,” said Watson. “To maximize my drive time, I take between 50 and 75 calls a day over my Bluetooth® in my car. On average, at least 10 to 15 of those require me to pull over to send an email or service report, login remotely to a computer or server of theirs, or conference in a call. My BlackBerry 10 allows me to do all of that from the device without having to fire up my laptop.” 


  • Reduced labor expenses
  • Timely client billing
  • Seamless business application integration
  • Enhanced employee safety