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Operatori Sanitari Associati

The problem was exchanging information with local healthcare providers and family doctors, a process that was often delayed even up to a full week. Now itall happens in real time, with obvious benefits for everyone involved.
Marco Proietti Panuzzi ICT Director, OSA
  • Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Secure mobile data access
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  • The OSA wanted to transform its online health record database for patients receiving care at home so that the system would aggregate information from multiple care givers and could be updated from the road
  • Previously, fax updates were logged in a central office, wasting time, increasing the possibility of lost records and making the database perpetually out of date
  • Strict privacy laws protect patient information, necessitating a secure solution for data transmission
  • Activities and schedules of care providers lacked real-time central organization that could guarantee improved time management and efficiency


  • BlackBerry® smartphones
  • BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
  • Newmann mobile application


  • BlackBerry smartphones with Newmann mobile applications allow access to patient information from the road and enable real-time mobile updates, removing the possibility of lost or delayed data
  • Data on a BlackBerry smartphone is encrypted, automatically locked and password protected, and can be remotely disabled to prevent unauthorised access to confidential data if a phone is lost or stolen, ensuring total security
  • The BlackBerry® solution has enabled OSA to streamline management of mobile staff, distributing activities based on presence across the territory
  • Users need only three hours of training to begin using the BlackBerry smartphone