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Bedfordshire Police

BlackBerry smartphones are an effective, multi-discipline, communication tool that allow officers to stay informed and in touch when they are out on the beat.
Jim Hitch Mobile data project manager, Bedfordshire Police
  • Industry: Government and Public Sector
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Solution: Mobile email, industry specific applications
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  • Modern policing in the UK is faced by a unique set of challenges: The demand for greater visibility on the streets, more efficient administrative processes and tighter budgets
  • Bedfordshire Police found that the radio network used to connect officers on the beat to colleagues and information back in the station was inefficient for non-emergency communications
  • Bedfordshire Police needed a mobile data solution that was user-friendly to ensure that its officers embraced the technology


  • Officers were equipped with BlackBerry® smartphones that allow secure and instant access to data applications, including the National Police Computer
  • The devices were deployed with applications that allow officers to carry out administrative duties and reporting on the beat rather than back at the station
  • Robust security features, such as the ability to lock or wipe a device immediately over the air if lost or stolen, are built into the devices


  • The BlackBerry solution enhances efficiency by allowing officers to access the applications they need on the beat, without having to go back to the station
  • Remote access to centralised systems through their BlackBerry smartphones enables officers to spend more time in their communities
  • Robust security features have given officers the confidence to use BlackBerry smartphones to their full potential
  • BlackBerry smartphones offer a highly intuitive user-interface and Bedfordshire Police found its officers needed very little training to be able to use them