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PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP - PwC Canada

Working with the Corporate Developer Program provides us with the timely technical support and easy-to-use software that we need to make great mobile apps for our employees.
Eric Chan Manager, Mobile Application Development
  • Industry: Finance/Insurance
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Research In Motion (RIM) Corporate Developer Program (CDP); BlackBerry Webworks Platform
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PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Canada’s (PwC Canada’s) Mobile Application Development team recognized an opportunity to help the company’s off-site consultants by creating productivity apps. They also realized that embracing mobile tools could become a significant feature of PwC Canada’s branding and recruitment strategy. Developers had ideas for new apps, but were unfamiliar with developing in Java®, so only were developing approximately two mobile apps per year.


PwC Canada’s Mobile Application Development team reached out the Research In Motion® (RIM®) Corporate Developer Program (CDP) for assistance. The CDP team provided PwC Canada with access to RIM’s specialized Enterprise Solution Consultants and ongoing guidance and development support. The introduction of the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK allowed the PwC Canada team to use standard web technologies to develop BlackBerry® applications and simplify their development process. To date, the Mobile Application Development team has built more than 11 apps for employees to download internally.


  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Accelerates application development time
  • Simplifies development process
  • Provides timely technical support