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Productos Familia S.A.

Our sales force immediately adopted the use of BlackBerry smartphones. It was like love at first sight. Now, they say they could not live without it.
Juan David Martinez Information Technology Strategic Consultant, Productos Familia
  • Industry: Manufacturing/Technology
  • Region: Latin America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Ventax® by Ilimitada S.A., Wireless Bluetooth® Printing
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In the past, sales reps at Productos Familia had to carry two devices on customer calls: a cell phone and a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that was used to review account activity and enter sales orders. But the PDAs did not have continued wireless connectivity, meaning sales reps had to connect the PDA to a cell phone to send and receive data, email or sync with the company's back-end systems. As a result, product orders sometimes had to be corrected after the fact as they did not reflect changes made to pricing while offline.

This burdensome process resulted in order processing and delivery delays, affected the accurate settlement of payments and resulted in higher costs for the company, which had to cover two separate voice and data plans.


Productos Familia equipped its sales force with BlackBerry® smartphones to integrate voice and data capabilities into a single device and allow automatic synchronization with the company's ERP system. The company also implemented a customized application called Ventax, which lets sales reps remotely enter purchase orders and access payment status and customer credit information. In the event there isn’t any wireless connectivity, the app automatically saves the order and resubmits it later.

The solution provides access to customer account information, including customized pricing lists, history on account activity and status of product deliveries. The application also allows sales reps to view customer invoices and available credit, enter payments on the spot and generate receipts that can be printed by a Bluetooth-connected wireless printer.


  • One device simplifies work and reduces costs
  • Immediate back-end system access for price lists improves accuracy
  • Greater customer service and satisfaction
  • Improved process for payment collections