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PromoClip Asia Inc.

I’ve been an avid BlackBerry user for the last six years, and I think of my BlackBerry smartphone as an essential travel tool. It enables me to work offsite as though I was sitting in the office.
René Theil Managing Director
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: Blackberry® Enterprise Server Express and consumer applications
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PromoClip Managing Director, René Theil spends a great deal of time travelling throughout Asia, often without computer or internet access. He relied fully upon his mobile phone and laptop. This prevented him from receiving up-to-date schedules, information concerning clients and staff, or emails.


With the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express, Theil has instant access to emails, calls, and calendar updates. This advanced solution instantly synchronizes his contacts, memos, and task list from his office computer to his BlackBerry® smartphone and vice versa. This enables him to work and communicate with staff and clients as efficiently and productively offsite as he can onsite.


  • Improved communication from constant contact with clients and colleagues
  • Increased productivity with remote access to important documents and communications
  • Better customer service