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Provincia Seguros S.A.

The BlackBerry solution put an excellent tool in the hands of sales agents at Provincia Seguros. It has given them a virtual office they can use to provide vehicle coverage almost any place, at almost any time.
Daniel Adrian Puccio Assistant Manager of Processes, Standards and Quality
  • Industry: Finance/Insurance
  • Region: Latin America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Prior Vehicle Inspection Form App by Sondeos™ and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
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Provincia Seguros was looking for a way to expedite their auto insurance underwriting process. In the past, sales agents would have to fill out paper forms and then send them to the company. All this took place before even inspecting the vehicles, which would take place over the next 48 to 72 hours.

This process not only demanded a number of company resources and involved separate departments, but by the time the administrative work was complete, the actual inspection often had to be rescheduled because the applicant could no longer be present.


Provincia Seguros provided 300 sales agents with BlackBerry® smartphones equipped with the Prior Vehicle Inspection Form app. The app allows sales agents to complete the vehicle verification while with the owner and can be easily managed on the company's BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Sales agents can enter key data on their BlackBerry smartphone using multiple-choice questions, take pictures of the car and automatically attach them to the digital form. Once the required information has been entered, a message is displayed to confirm the accuracy of the information. When the form has been completed and sent, provisional coverage is issued for the applicant’s vehicle.


  • Helped speed up the vehicle verification process
  • Reduced the time needed to issue policies
  • Delivered better customer service and faster insurance coverage to clients
  • Improved productivity by virtually eliminating paper forms and downloading data
  • Reduced costs associated with initial vehicle inspections