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RBS PlayBook App

Crediamo che la domanda di tablet all'interno degli spazi aziendali sarà pesantamente indirizzata verso BlackBerry PlayBook
Colin Jowers Global COO, Research & Strategy, RBS
  • Settore: Finance/Insurance
  • Regione: EMEA
  • Dimensioni aziendali: Large
  • Soluzione: BlackBerry PlayBook


  • Mobile access to information for fixed income commodities and currency (FICC)
  • Optimised content for individual users
  • Delivering on client demand and market expectations


  • BlackBerry® PlayBook™ application
  • Real-time access to global research and strategy information


  • Responding to customer demand
  • Meeting client and market expectations on application availability
  • Mobile access to real-time information
  • Improved customer service and industry visibility