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The BlackBerry solution provides the communication tool we were looking for. It works perfectly, it has been accepted among our workers who use it intensely.
Peter Schuhmacher and Walter Schuhmacher CEOs, Schuhmacher Bau GmbH
  • Industry: Real Estate/Construction
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Solution: Mobile solution for access to real-time data, time recording and work details


  • Schuhmacher has employees based out of three headquarters, as well as workers abroad. Coordination is key to Schuhmacher’s success as the company is constantly running multiple projects with a variety of different teams.
  • To keep track of project activities and progress at every stage, remote time recording and flawless reporting are crucial
  • Until recently, time recording was done manually and inefficiently on traditional time sheets and allocated to the respective client accounts at a later time.


  • Today, workers receive all client tasks via their BlackBerry smartphones
  • Once the worker accepts the task, from the BlackBerry smartphone, time recording starts automatically and activities are directly charged to the corresponding project
  • Reporting, time recording and billing details are immediately available on the system once the worker has fed the information into his or her BlackBerry smartphone, using a web-based application for the transmission of project data and the time recording in real-time.


  • Sending through reports and time recordings every evening integrates smoothly with the natural work processes on a construction site.
  • Now, Schumacher can provide gapless tracking of activities in real-time and receive data of a very high quality, and furthermore, knows exactly who is doing what, where and when
  • Calculations have shown that the investment will amortise in just a few months, even if you only take into account the time savings made by not filling in the time sheets and transferring them into the system manually anymore