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Secretaria de Seguranca

The adoption of the BlackBerry solution has been wholly embraced by the Bahia police. The program has been so successful that officers patrolling the streets and investigating crimes would find it difficult to perform their job without their devices.
Alan Evangelista Civil Police Investigator and Technology Coordinator
  • Industry: Public Safety
  • Region: Latin America
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: Police Mobility in Operations by Tecnew Informática Ltda.
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Communication for police officers needs to be as fast and mobile as the emergency response service they provide.


The SSP -BA armed its officers with approximately 600 BlackBerry® smartphones to help in its fight against crime. The department also deployed Police Mobility in Operations, a mobile application from Tecnew Informática Ltda., on the BlackBerry smartphone. The application is designed to provide mobile access to databases and back-end records systems and allows officers to access up-to-date information about people, vehicles, drivers and criminal backgrounds from their BlackBerry smartphones.


  • Mobile access to police databases
  • Quicker GPS information related to officer locations
  • Better communication between police officers
  • More secure access to classified information