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Soldotna Police Department

The BlackBerry smartphone has really opened up a different medium of communications between officers, various agencies and management staff.
Mark Berestoff Police Officer
  • Industry: Public Safety
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: InterActPocketCop by InterAct Public Safety Systems
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The officers of the Soldotna Police Department work in the rugged, open spaces of the Alaskan frontier. Duties can take them away from the radios in their vehicles, which was the primary method the officers communicated with the dispatch centre. To run suspicious vehicle licence plates, check the records of individuals and communicate with the other members of the department, they used portable (handheld) radios for most communications.

The Soldotna Police Department wanted enhanced communication capabilities and a solution that would be more cost-effective than installing computer terminals in vehicles. With grant funding from the Alaska Highway Safety Office, the Soldotna Police Department began investigating capabilities provided by the BlackBerry® solution.


The Soldotna Police Department gave their police officers BlackBerry smartphones, multi-functional communication devices that offered a range of new capabilities. The smartphones are being used by the police to send email and text messages, and make phone calls. They also let officers take and transmit photographs, create video and audio records at crime scenes, and have Internet access almost anywhere—all from their BlackBerry smartphones.

The Soldotna Police Department also deployed InterActPocketCop™ by InterAct Public Safety Systems. The InterActPocketCop application is designed to provide wireless access to federal, state and motor vehicle databases. An officer has the ability to check the status of individuals, vehicles, boats, articles and guns from their BlackBerry smartphone without having to contact a radio dispatcher.


  • More cost-effective than laptop-based solutions
  • Reduces the need for carrying extra devices
  • Puts information in the hands of officers
  • Encourages more communication between officers
  • Frees up dispatchers