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Based on our estimates, the investment we’ve made in mobile automated run-sheet technologies will likely payback the majority of our costs in delivering community care in just over a year.
Ben Ward Chief Information Officer, Information & Communication Technology
  • Industry: Healthcare/Life Sciences
  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: SatTrack® Integrated Job Dispatch application
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For Spiritus, home care assistants and community support workers were required to visit head office to receive their schedules. Dispatchers used printed run-sheets advising the field workers of their schedules and any background needed for each call. After each visit, employees wrote out the information on the run-sheets, which were then faxed to the office or delivered by hand. This manual process was labor- and time-intensive, and caused inaccuracies.


Spiritus worked with mobile application developer, SkyNet, to provide 380 care workers with BlackBerry® smartphones with the SatTrack ® Integrated Job Dispatch application. It allows the organization to upload and send daily schedules directly to field workers. Care workers input client information into their app on their BlackBerry smartphones and the information is almost automatically sent to head office. Dispatchers know employees’ whereabouts by using the GPS features and SatTrack desktop software.


  • Schedules can be easily updated
  • Shift times are captured and reported almost automatically
  • Dispatchers can track workers’ positions to help answer client queries
  • GPS system helps validate times the worker was at the client’s home
  • Manual data entry and errors have been reduced or eliminated