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For many of our members, having a BlackBerry smartphone is a necessity. BBM and push email are unmatched and personal and enterprise apps make it an indispensable resource.
Robert McConnell Advertising and Member Services Manager
  • Industry: Government and Public Sector
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Small
  • Solution: BlackBerry® Internet Service; BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™); BlackBerry® Sound-Isolating Headset – 3.5mm; Facebook® for BlackBerry; Twitter® for BlackBerry; SIPRelay® by Sorrenson Communications®; Wireless IP-Relay by Purple®
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People who are deaf and hard of hearing once relied primarily on TTY (Teletype or Teletypewriter) machines in their homes to communicate over telephone lines. But mobile technologies have changed the landscape for this community, offering more options for staying in touch and much greater freedom while at work and on the move.


Because TDI is a trusted advisor, it has a discerning perspective on what makes a wireless device accessible. One of the technologies they promote to their members is the BlackBerry® solution. BlackBerry smartphones are desirable because many models enable customized vibrations (for calls, instant messages, calendar reminders, etc.), so it’s easy for someone to know what communications they’ve received without looking at the device. To respond to the needs of the hard of hearing, several BlackBerry smartphones have received certification for hearing aid compatibility requirements from the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


  • Freedom to communicate on-the-go, in business and while away from technologies at home
  • Advanced alerting features that respond to varying degrees of hearing loss
  • More choices in how to communicate by phone, email and instant messages
  • Richer communications options using social media
  • Apps that enhance communication in business and life