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Travel with Flair

The BlackBerry solution matches our business perfectly. All we did was plug our business into the applications that are already on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Dawyne Northgrave Business Systems and Online Manager, Travel with Flair
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: EMEA
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Solution: BlackBerry® smartphones
Full Story


  • Travel with Flair (TWF) plans travel for business executives and government officials and the company needed an improvement on the current solution so that it was more secure, reliable and faster to ensure availability to its clients at all times in all parts of the world
  • Call-centers already worked 24-hours a day to keep up with the requests of travelers so TWF wanted to centralise these centers and incorporate email communications into one mobile communication solution


  • BlackBerry® smartphones


  • TWF’s call-centre operators can now respond to requests for itinerary materials with emails sent to their clients’ BlackBerry smartphones, saving company time and resources, and improving customer service
  • The solution improved productivity, lower costs and increased efficiency
  • TWF estimates the BlackBerry® solution has reduced internal mobile phone costs by 35-40%
  • The success of the BlackBerry solution led TWF to begin the process of launching a bespoke mobile version of its online booking tool that will allow customers to book travel from anywhere