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U.S. Bank

The peace of mind of knowing that I can contact any of my constituents, and also supply them with accurate information on their BlackBerry smartphones, is priceless
Kelly Piper Emergency Manager
  • Industry: Finance/Insurance
  • Region: Global
  • Company Size: Large
  • Solution: BlackBerry® Enterprise Server; PINpoint by Tenet Computer Group Inc.
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Since U.S. Bank offers services in so many places, it faces a variety of possible threats to its operations. These could range from mainframe power surges to major natural disasters, such as tornados, snow storms, floods and earthquakes. During these emergencies, it’s the responsibility of the Bank’s Crisis Management Team (“CM Team”) to gather information from multiple sources, such as state or regional emergency responders, and inform employees about how to correctly respond.


U.S. Bank turned to BlackBerry® Alliance Select Member, Tenet Computer Group Inc. (“Tenet”), to roll out a customized version of its PINpoint application. The approach helped them build on their current investment in BlackBerry technology. Employees can quickly find and contact employees using their BlackBerry smartphones which are now equipped with the new PINpoint app. They can also access key emergency response documents, such as the Bank’s crisis management handbook and event situation reports.


  • Improved communication response time during emergencies
  • Up-to-date emergency documents and contact information
  • Greater mobility for crisis management teams
  • Ability to control employee access to information