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Waterloo Regional Police Service

Our vision is that when a new officer joins the Service, that officer is handed a uniform, a badge, and a duty belt to handle the dangers of the job and a BlackBerry smartphone to help get the intelligence information they need.
Chief Matthew A. Torigian Waterloo Regional Police Service
  • Industry: Public Safety
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Solution: Mobile Police Assist (MPANiche) and Custom GPS Tracking Solution by Mobile Innovations
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Officers need access to police databases in the field so they can have the information they need quickly, helping them with suspect identification and subsequent arrest in certain situations. Communication is also key to making policing more efficient. As early adopters of wireless technology, such as BlackBerry® smartphones, the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) wanted to do more with the technology in policing.


WRPS put 300 BlackBerry smartphones in the hands of its officers who work from police cruisers, on foot, bicycle, horseback and canine units. The BlackBerry smartphones were equipped with mobile application Mobile Police Assist (MPANiche), created by BlackBerry® Alliance Member, Mobile Innovations. MPANiche is designed to allow officers to make queries of police databases directly from their smartphones.

WRPS also worked with Mobile Innovations to deploy a custom GPS tracking solution into their BlackBerry smartphones, allowing a dispatcher to know an officer’s whereabouts.


  • A more cost effective approach to policing
  • Provides access to police database and information faster
  • Keeps police in the community longer and away from desks
  • Added security on the job
  • Opens up a new line of communication