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Leave the laptop at home

BlackBerry® 10 devices allow you to stay productive, without having to carry a laptop, with a true mobile productivity suite.

Update inventory charts in a spreadsheet, make last minute edits to a press release, give stunning presentations or get feedback from a colleague over BBM™ Video1, all without the need for a laptop.

With support for the latest versions of Microsoft® Office®, synchronization with the most popular cloud providers and technology which maintains 100% of the original document formatting when making edits on the go, BlackBerry® 10 has you covered when it comes to mobile productivity.

View and edit Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® files

  • Fully Microsoft Office compatible and supports all the latest versions, including Office 2013
  • Ability to peek at attachments to quickly preview content and take action
  • Includes rich and reliable file fidelity with improved chart rendering, and graphic and table support
  • Enhanced editing with features to help you work efficiently on your smartphone, including the ability to view bookmarks, perform a word count, search, update charts, highlight, copy and paste text, and format paragraphs, fonts, bullets and cells
  • InTact Technology™ maintains the original document formatting when editing and sharing changes on the go 
BlackBerry Z10 - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
BlackBerry Z10 - slideshow

Give stunning presentations over HDMI

  • Travel light and leave the laptop behind with the tools you need to rehearse and tweak presentations on the go.
  • Present over HDMI to projectors and TVs, including a "presenter mode" that enables you to see speaker notes, progress and upcoming slides.
  • Give impressive and professional mobile presentations with support for over 125 Microsoft PowerPoint slide transitions.
BBM Video with Screen Share

Collaborate on docs with BBM Video with Screen Share

  • Switch a BBM™ chat to a BBM Video conversation with just a tap and share a business document with a BBM contact1.
  • Show friends and colleagues the doc you’re chatting about with the Screen Share feature in BBM Video1.
  • Talk through your changes with a colleague and make edits in real time.
BlackBerry Link

Sync your desktop and cloud files with ease

  • Take your critical files and folders with you for anywhere, anytime access.
  • Maintain your current document workflows, but add mobile flexibility so you can start working on one device and then pick up on another.
  • Get a seamless, integrated experience with support for popular cloud providers like Dropbox™ and Box™, and enterprise network drives.
BlackBerry Z10 - spreadsheet

Share and secure your important files

  • Effortlessly share files via email, BBM and SD cards
  • Tap two NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphones together to share files via NFC
  • Have a secure separation of your corporate files with BlackBerry® Balance™ technology and easily switch between work and personal apps with a simple gesture

Fully Microsoft Office compatible

  1. 1

    Compatible BlackBerry 10 devices, Wi-Fi, 4G or HSPA+ connection required. Additional restrictions apply.

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