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Home screen

Personalize your BlackBerry device home screen by arranging the icons
and changing the wallpaper

How does it work on your BlackBerry smartphone?

Customize the home screen on your BlackBerry® smartphone by reordering the list of apps or hiding the apps you don’t need. Add the apps you use the most to the Favorites panel.1 You can also change your home screen wallpaper to a picture from the Pictures folder.

Can't find what you're looking for on your BlackBerry smartphone? Use the powerful Universal Search to find content on your smartphone, from contacts to messages, music to appointments.

On BlackBerry® 10 smartphones, peek into the BlackBerry® Hub from any app with a swipe to effortlessly flow in and out of your messages and conversations. Choose to reply or let the screen snap back if your messages can wait.

How does it work on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet?

Make your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet your own by changing the wallpaper. Simply launch the Pictures app from the home screen, tap a picture, swipe down from the top frame and tap Set as Wallpaper. To reorder or change your icons, touch and hold the icon, then drag it in any direction to your preferred location.

Home screen - Personalization
BlackBerry Z10 - BlackBerry Hub


Turn voice notes or songs into specialized ringtones

How does it work?

Give your BlackBerry smartphone a voice by saving a voice note or using a song as your own personal ringtone.

Set as ringtone


Make your BlackBerry smartphone your own with personalized themes

How does it work?

Changing the look of your BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry 7.1 OS or earlier couldn't be simpler. Buy or download ready-made themes in the BlackBerry® World™ storefront. You can also use BlackBerry® Theme Studio to customize your home screen, icons, menus and much more.

To change a theme on your BlackBerry smartphone (with BlackBerry® 7 OS or BlackBerry® 6 OS), from your home screen select the Options icon. Select Display and then Screen Display. In the Theme section, select a theme you would like and select Activate.

Note: Themes aren’t available for BlackBerry® 10.